Cat Won't Swallow Pills? Try Compounded Medication

Posted on: 23 September 2020
Your cat needs to take their medication to stay healthy and to avoid feeling lousy. But distracting your cat while you're giving them the pill stopped working last week and hiding it their food is having mixed results at best. You could get a pill crusher and try to mix it into their food that way, but there is a more professional answer to this problem. A pharmacist who makes compounded pet medication can swap out those pills for a form your cat is more likely to accept.
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What Medical Procedures Do Gastroenterologists Commonly Perform?

Posted on: 19 August 2020
Gastroenterology is the study of medicine that focuses on conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Physicians who specialize in this type of healthcare are known as gastroenterologists. Some gastroenterologists diagnose and treat a wide variety of gastrointestinal health conditions, and some focus strictly on a specific type of gastrointestinal health issue. These are some medical procedures that gastroenterologists commonly perform. Endoscopy If a patient has problems with being able to properly digest food, eat without enduring pain or burning in the stomach or throat, or frequent vomiting, it may be necessary to have an endoscopy performed.
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4 Tips For Recovering From Dental Surgery

Posted on: 13 December 2019
One of the most nerve-wracking times in your life maybe when you have dental surgery. There are many reasons this may be necessary, and taking care of your oral health is vital. However, you'll want to know the most effective methods for getting through this trying time. Learning how to quickly recover can make a significant difference in your healing. 1. Avoid hard foods You never want to attempt to eat a lot of foods that are hard to chew after having this surgery type.
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Brain Health Therapy: Discover How You Function

Posted on: 11 October 2019
Have you ever felt like you were slowing down mentally? Maybe your reflexes are just not what they used to be, or it takes you longer to compute basic algebraic equations. While this may be due to physical anomalies that can happen in the body, it may also be due to decreased brain activity. In an effort to help individuals to think, feel, react, and compute more quickly, physicians and psychologists have worked together to develop brain health therapy.
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