4 Traits A Drugstore Pharmacy Tech Needs To Have

Posted on: 19 September 2019

Working with the public can be a very demanding job. You'll need to possess a few character traits to ensure you do a good job. For instance, if you work at a pharmacy, you'll have many individuals you'll see each day. Knowing some of the top traits a drugstore pharmacy tech needs to have may be ideal if you do this job.

1.  Be knowledgeable

It's vital for you to process the right amount of knowledge about many of the products in the drugstore. While you may not know the details about all the medications, you should know some things, such as costs, side effects, and basic information.

As a tech, you'll be working a great deal with many of the prescription drugs, and you may be counting out pills and doing many things. Having a basic knowledge of the most popular medicines is very important in this job.

2. Possess empathy

There may be several people that are calling the drugstore that are dealing with pain or discomfort and need assistance with this situation.  You'll want to be empathetic while you are on the phone with customers talking about the various medications that can help these issues.

3. Be friendly

It's your job to be kind and considerate with individuals that come into the drugstore or ones you speak with via phone. Some things you may need to do include answering questions or connecting this person to the pharmacist.

It's vital to have a pleasant voice and be ready to be helpful in any way possible if you want your customer service to be top notch.

4. Have patience

You'll need to have patience when you have a job of this type. Taking time to answer the questions of the customers is something you'll want to always do.

You may need to check people out of the pharmacy, assist with medication refills, or work with medical providers to get a refill reinstated that has run out over time.

If you enjoy working with individuals, this could be a great job for you to have. You may find that the days go by much quicker when you are around many people during the day. However, you'll want to do the right things and avoid many wrong ones if you genuinely wish to be the best employee possible. Working in a health and medical field can be helpful to many others in your community.