Eight Common Myths About Contact Lenses

Posted on: 1 April 2015

Many people in need of corrective lenses don't try contact lenses because they are dissuaded by certain myths about this form of vision correction.

Contact lenses offer a get deal of convenience in comparison to traditional glasses, so it's important that optometry patients know the truth about these devices.

The following are eight of the most common contact lens myths that sometimes scare people away from contact lenses:

It's not comfortable to wear contact lenses.

Although it might take some time to adjust to contact lenses at first, after patients have gotten used to them they usually don't even notice them in their eyes. 

A contact lens can become lost in the eye.

It's impossible for a contact lens to get lost in the eye because of the conjunctiva that covers the eye and keeps the contact in place.

A contact lens can become stuck to the eye.

It's sometimes possible for a contact lens to get temporarily stuck to the eye if it gets dried out. However, it's easy to remedy this problem by using a saline solution to re-moisten the contact.

Over time, contact lens use can damage the eyes.

If you follow your eye doctor's care instructions carefully, you won't be more likely to develop any eye conditions because of contact use. 

Contact lenses can come out of the eye during normal use.

Modern contacts fit the eye very well and are unlikely to come out of the eye during normal use. 

It's difficult to learn to put contact lenses in.

Most people learn to put contacts in quickly. Although it might be a little bewildering at first to learn how to carry out the delicate task of putting a contact in, once patients get used to the routine, it becomes no more difficult than putting on a pair of eyeglasses. 

My eyes can't tolerate contact lenses.

No matter how old you are or how dry your eyes are, you should be able to have a set of contacts made that will work for you. While contacts may dry out the eyes of certain patients, it's usually easy to fix this problem with occasional eye drop use. 

Contact lenses require a great deal of care.

Most patients are surprised with how simple it is to care for contact lenses. The only care contacts need is to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. Wearing disposable contact lenses is especially convenient because it reduces the amount of necessary maintenance. Talk to experts like Peters Richard OD for more information.