5 Reasons To Consider Using A Family Doctor

Posted on: 30 November 2018

Family doctors may seem like they are not as important as they were in the past. This is partly due to the proliferation of specialists. But there is still an important place for a family doctor, and you should consider using one. The following are a few reasons for this.

1. They treat your entire family 

There are general practitioners in the medical field. Often called doctors of internal medicine, they treat adults. For your children, you will need to see a pediatrician. But when you see a family doctor, he or she will treat the entire family and will be familiar with the medical history of everyone in your family. This is especially important for your children's health.

2. They provide routine check-ups

This is something that is an important part of your health. Getting a regular medical check-up, including blood work, can mean finding small problems before they grow into a major health issue. And with a family doctor, they provide check-ups and vaccinations for your children.

3. They monitor your medical condition

With certain medical problems, you may need to see a doctor more than once a year. Diabetes, for example, may mean seeing a doctor two or three times a year. A family physician is often sufficient to help you monitor your glucose levels and help you with your diet and exercise. Other examples include medical conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

4. They provide referrals

It's often the case that your insurance plan will require you to get a referral before seeing a specialist. If you have a family doctor, it is easier to get a referral because he or she is already aware of your condition and will know when it's time to see a specialist. In addition, referrals often have an expiration date. But when you have a family doctor that you see regularly, getting a new referral can be as simple as a phone call.

5. They can recommend specialists

Not only can they refer you to a specialist but they can also direct you to the best one for your particular problem — one that has experience with patients who have your health issues. For example, if your family doctor thinks you need to see a podiatrist for an issue with your foot and you are a diabetic, it is best to see a foot doctor that has experience with diabetic patients rather than one who emphasizes treatment for athletes.

Family doctors still exist, so before you discard the idea of using one for your family's health needs, understand what they can do for you and the rest of your family. Family doctors have always been an important part of health care and still are today.