A Man And Cannot Reach A Full Erection? 2 Treatment Options To Choose From

Posted on: 17 September 2018

If you are a man and cannot reach a full erection during sex, your spouse is likely complaining about this. This may also end up putting a lot of stress on your relationships. This problem is known as erectile dysfunction, which can be treated in many ways, two of which are listed below. You can then get the treatment you need to get your sex life back to normal.

Implanting a Penile Prosthesis

One type of treatment for erectile dysfunction is implanting a penile prosthesis. There are two types to choose from including:

Bendable Rods

The bendable type of prosthesis is implanting two bendable rods into your penis. Your penis will always be slightly erected once the rods are implanted. When you are having sex you simply need to adjust the rods until your penis is fully erect. This is done by squeezing a small pump that is in your scrotum.


An inflatable prosthesis also works great. Many men choose this as the penis is not partially erect at all times. Instead, you will only have an erection when you choose to. The inflatable device is also more natural feeling as it is soft. As with bendable rods you squeeze a type of pump that is in your scrotum area.

If you choose this the surgery generally only lasts an hour or two, and you will be able to start having sex again in a few weeks.

Using a Vacuum Construction Device

If you do not want to have surgery, you can choose a vacuum construction device (VCD). This type of device is an external pump instead of surgically implanting the device and pump inside your scrotum.

When you are ready to have sexual relations, the VCD is placed on the shaft of your penis. Some pumps run on batteries while others you have to pump by hand. Once the device is pumped it creates a vacuum. Once the vacuum is created blood draws into the shaft of your penis, which will cause you to have an erection.

When you get an erection you will use a special type of lubricant to remove the VCD. Your erection may last long enough until you are finished having sexual relations. If you need to have an erection for a long period, however, you may have to use the pump again.

See a doctor that specializes in erectile dysfunction to learn much more about these two treatment options. Talk to a doctor about ED medicine and treatments.