How To Avoid Injuries While Playing Tennis

Posted on: 28 April 2018

Tennis can be a very fun way to exercise and lose weight. As with any physical activity, however, you may risk suffering a sports injury if you aren't careful. While there are many treatments for common tennis injuries, you are best off avoiding these injuries in the first place.

Tennis Elbow

One of the most common injuries resulting from tennis is tennis elbow. While many activities unrelated to tennis can cause tennis elbow, tennis can definitely lead to this disorder. You will notice pain and burning on the outside of your elbow; you may also have weak grip strength.

To avoid tennis elbow, make sure to stretch your arm properly. Hold your arm straight with your palm facing up. Use your other hand to bend your fingers back. Hold this for 15 seconds. Repeat this three to five times on each arm.

Shoulder Injury

A shoulder injury is another common problem for tennis players. This is usually the result of a failure to properly condition the shoulder muscle. The rotator cuff is responsible for positioning the shoulder correctly; however, when the rotator cuff becomes fatigued or weak, you will be more likely to suffer a shoulder injury. Use an exercise band to improve the strength of your shoulder.

Ankle Injuries

Any sport that involves running will increase the risk that you'll suffer an ankle sprain. This is especially true for tennis, which requires many movements from side-to-side. To reduce the risk that this happens, make sure you are wearing the correct sneakers. You might want to wear stabilizing ankle braces for better support.

When you do suffer an injury, make sure to take care of the injury promptly to ensure that you recover quickly. Get some rest so that you do not cause further injury to your body, and ice down the area to reduce swelling. If you are suffering from mild pain, you may treat the pain with over-the-counter medications; however, if you are suffering from more severe pain, or pain that lasts for several days, make sure to seek treatment from a sports injury professional for these injuries and many others, including:

  • Knee injuries
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Hamstring pulls or tears
  • Shoulder separation
  • Muscle sprains or spasms

If you have suffered a sports injury as a result of playing tennis, make sure to meet with a medical professional who is experienced with sports injuries, especially related to tennis. If you get on top of your tennis injury, you'll be back on the court much sooner.