Tips For Caring For Someone With Prostate Cancer

Posted on: 9 May 2017

If you have a loved one that is diagnosed with prostate cancer, there is a good chance that you are worried about his well-being. You might be taking the role of active caregiver so that your loved one is able to get to doctor's appointments and come in for treatment. Here are some tips for caring for someone that has prostate cancer.

1. Model Stamina Boosting Habits

Recovering from prostate cancer takes a ton of energy. Nagging your loved one will not make him change his habits. If you change your habits to include eating a range of foods and lean protein, hydrating regularly, and exercising moderately, you will be able to encourage your loved one to do the same. These habits are going to help him increase the amount of stamina that he has to fight off the prostate cancer and get through the treatments. Try to improve your habits so that you can encourage your loved one to improve his habits as well.

2. Empathize in Intimate Moments

Men often tie a lot of their self-esteem to their masculinity and their sexuality. Prostate cancer can cause your loved one to lose his sex drive, which can be a blow to his self-esteem. You can help mitigate this damage by simply empathizing with them. Don't push for sex, especially if your loved one is not feeling up to it physically. Change your intimate habits to activities that do not necessarily involve sex. Reassure your partner that you still find him attractive and love him. Managing your loved one's self-esteem with regards to your sex life will help your loved one get through the process a lot more easily.

3. Encourage Your Loved One to Share Emotions

Many men feel that they cannot share their emotions without experiencing stigma. This can make the traumatic process of recovering from prostate cancer difficult because your loved one might not be able to get assistance with debilitating fear or anger. Tell your partner that he can tell you anything. Make yourself available to talk to and do not show any judgment of your partner's feelings. Just let him vent. If your loved one is not willing to open up to you, encourage him to see a professional in order to help him get the help he needs for the mental health treatment side of prostate cancer.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in prostate cancer treatment.