How Eating Cheese Can Lead To An Impacted Bowel

Posted on: 9 May 2017

Anybody who loves eating cheese knows that it comes with problems. For example, it may contribute to constipation and an even more serious issue known as an impacted bowel. Here's what you need to know about this condition and how a colonoscopy can help.

Cheese Can Cause Constipation

Cheese is a delicious food type that can be a major source of calcium in many people's diet. Unfortunately, this food is low in fiber and is more difficult to digest. As a result, people who eat cheese often end up experience some increased signs of constipation. While it is debatable that the cheese itself actually causes this problem, when it replaces fiber-rich foods, it can lead to constipation.

While most cases of constipation are likely to pass in a few days, they may require the use of a colonoscopy to diagnose and treat. This is especially true if chronic constipation leads to a bowel impaction. This painful condition can be life-threatening if left untreated.

How This Leads To Impaction

Regular constipation can cause serious problems with the intestines and the rest of the bowel system. It stresses it out and can cause it to work harder. However, it can also cause small buildups in the bowel that can lead to increased blockage. The causes of impaction can be diverse and difficult to predict, but regular constipation is one of the most consistent causes of this painful problem.

When an impacted bowel occurs, a person will be unable to pass their fecal matter. While a small amount of liquid fecal matter may come out, it will be very difficult and painful to pass. The person suffering from this disease is likely to look bloated and have severe pains. As a result, it is important to diagnose this issue with a colonoscopy right away.

How A Colonoscopy Can Help

If a person suspects they are suffering from a bowel impaction, a colonoscopy is an important process to consider. It will help diagnose the problem and identify where it is occurring in the body. By identifying the location and the severity, the type of treatment can be decided on by the doctor and implemented more successfully.

Once the treatment has been used, another colonoscopy is likely. Why? This second usage helps to identify if there are any lingering sides of this problem. If there aren't, the person with the impacted bowel is likely okay to start living their life like normal. However, signs that the bowel may end up impacted again make it necessary to continue treatment.

In most instances, it will require a change in diet that can be difficult for many to handle. For example, it may require them to cut cheese out of their eating pattern or seriously cut down on it. However, difficult this process, it is required for improved bowel health.

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