Does Psoriasis On Your Scalp Have You Avoiding Dark Clothing?

Posted on: 9 May 2017

Suffering from psoriasis is rarely a pretty picture -- and if your psoriasis is confined primarily to your scalp, you may find yourself avoiding dark clothing and even certain hairstyles in an effort to avoid the conspicuous flaking you often experience. Unfortunately, most of the over-the-counter products designed for dandruff and flaky scalps won't work if psoriasis is the primary culprit, and you may find yourself with an expensive selection of hair products that haven't had any noticeably positive impact on your issues. What are your best options going forward? Here is more about your psoriasis management and treatment options when this skin condition seems to be targeting your head and scalp.

What can you do to relieve the symptoms or side effects of scalp psoriasis?

Often, you'll be able to find some relief from the itching and flaking caused by your psoriasis by simply switching to a coal tar oil shampoo or conditioner. This coal tar oil reduces inflammation (which can lead to itching) while also coating your scalp with a protective layer that can promote the healing of skin lesions. If you've been tempted to switch to a dandruff-control shampoo or conditioner in an effort to reduce your scalp's flaking, opting for coal tar oil can be a much better choice for your situation; many common dandruff-control products use pyrithicone zinc as the active ingredient, which may only cause further irritation to a psoriasis-addled scalp. 

Another topical treatment option that has had positive effects for many users is tea tree oil. This unique oil has a number of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which -- while doing little to relieve or cure the actual psoriasis -- can go a long way toward reducing your itching, flaking, and inflammation. This oil can be potent and has the potential to severely sting raw or injured skin, so it's best to start slow and to immediately discontinue use if you observe any further irritation or tenderness. 

What are some of your long-term psoriasis treatment options? 

While these treatments can bring you relief of your dandruff-mirroring side effects, you'll need a more targeted treatment to better manage your psorasis going forward.

Because psoriasis -- unlike some other skin conditions -- is autoimmune in origin, most of your best long-term treatment options will involve dampening your immune responses. By reducing your immune system's ability to turn upon itself and begin attacking healthy skin and nerve cells, your psoriasis medication can slowly eliminate the pain and inflammation you've experienced, giving your skin a well-deserved opportunity to heal.

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