You'll Need A Cart For That Portable Ultrasound -- Here's What To Consider

Posted on: 8 May 2017

If you're getting a portable ultrasound machine, you'll need a cart to hold it. Even if you plan to use the machine on the go most of the time, carrying the small device from place to place, when you're back in an exam room, you're not going to put the machine just anywhere. The carts can be just as important as the ultrasound machine itself in making the test easy to administer. When you start to look for a cart, these features will be among the most important to consider.

How Far Do The Wheels Stick Out From The Base?

Ultrasound carts usually have a platform at the top for the computer, then a central column for support, maybe a shelf and a basket on the side of the column, and then a wheeled base. Take a look at what the shape of the base is. Some are square or rectangular with the wheels underneath; others have a smaller base with the wheels sticking out on four appendages.

The smaller base often allows you to pull the cart closer to you if needed because of the open space between those wheel appendages. If you tend to be up close and personal with computers and machines, that's a good feature to have. However, you will have to be extra careful about walking around the machine because those appendages make it easier to trip, too.

Do The Casters Lock?

The wheels on the cart, or casters, should have a lock that immobilizes the wheels. Usually this is a small lever that you step on, located right on the caster itself, but you may see other variations. If there are no locks, look at other carts; no locks means the machine can slip away from you if you accidentally push it.

Is There Additional Room For Writing?

Look at the top platform. Is it just big enough for the ultrasound machine, or is there additional room for a written chart? If you have to make any written notes, having an extra platform (or extra space on the main platform) at writing height will help.

What Adjustments Can You Make To The Cart?

You will likely not be the only person to use the cart. Will everyone be able to adjust the cart height, for example, to fit their needs? Or will some people have to stand in order to use the cart comfortably while others stoop? Try to find one that is adjustable.

Once you get the cart, have everyone who will be using it try to sit at it as if they were using the ultrasound machine. Note any complaints; you may have to return the first cart and get another one that better fits your employees. For more information, contact a company like Keebomed.