Tips For Making Pap Smears More Comfortable

Posted on: 8 May 2017

In order for you to feel confident in your level of health, as well as to get birth control, you might need to get a pap smear. If you are suffering from vaginismus or some other problem that makes having anything inserted into your vagina extremely uncomfortable, you might have a hard time getting a pap smear. This could cause you to avoid the gynecologist all together or go to great, potentially unsafe lengths to ensure that you can get birth control. Here are some tips for making your pap smear more comfortable.

1. Dress Warmly

If you feel cold, you are going to tighten your muscles. This includes the muscles that line your vaginal walls. This can cause the opening to your vagina to get tighter and for the pap smear to be much more painful. You can reduce this pain by simply wearing warm socks, bringing a sweatshirt to put on over your gown, or wearing a warm sweater that you leave on during the examination. All of this will help you stay warm despite the fact that you are not wearing pants. Consider even bringing a blanket to cover your stomach and upper thighs during the actual procedure.

2. Go to the Bathroom Beforehand

Try to make sure that you are hitting the bathroom before you get the examination done. This will allow you to ensure that your muscles are not tightening up during the procedure which can make it more uncomfortable. By having relaxed muscles surrounding the bladder, any insertion will not hurt as much.

3. Talk to Your Gynecologist

Be sure that you talk to your gynecologist about using the smallest set of clamps possible for the pap smear, especially if you have never had sex or have never delivered a child. This will make it much easier for you to get through the procedure. Ask your gynecologist to go as slowly as possible because this can also help you get through the procedure with less pain.

4. Take Painkillers Ahead of Time

If you cervix becomes irritated because of the procedure, cramping can occur. Taking painkillers before the procedure can help you avoid the pain that might come from this level of cramping.

For more information, talk to gynecologists like the doctors at Naples OBGYN. Your gynecologist might have other information about how you should prepare for a pap smear that is specific to your particular situation.