Common Concerns About Spinal Compression Fractures

Posted on: 8 May 2017

Back problems can cause tremendous disruptions and quality of life issues for those that are unfortunate enough to suffer from them. These problems can have a variety of causes, and patients that are unfamiliar with back issues are unlikely to have all of the information that they need. In particular, people are often unaware that it may have been possible for them to have suffered a spinal compression fracture.

Are There Warning Signs That Patients May Be Suffering From Spinal Fractures?

The symptoms of a spinal compression fracture can vary depending on the severity of the bone damage. When this problem is relatively minor, individuals will find that they are likely to experience intense and persistent back pain. Also, they may start to experience a change in posture. Additionally, it is likely that these problems will worsen as the bone damage spreads.

Is Everyone At The Same Risk For A Spinal Fracture?

Many people will assume that everyone will be at the same of risk suffering a spinal fracture. Furthermore, patients may think that this type of injury is only caused by a strong impact to the spine. However, those that suffer from osteoporosis or have a history of serious back injuries are more likely to suffer from a spinal compression fracture as the bones in their backs will be much weaker. Over time, those with this condition will develop microfractures in their vertebrae, which will eventually lead to a larger crack forming in the bone.

What Can Be Done For A Patient That Has A Spinal Fracture?

When a person is suffering from a spinal compression fracture, they are likely to assume that they will need to undergo major surgery to correct the damage. Yet, this is typically not the best treatment as few patients will have significant enough bone damage to warrant invasive surgery. Rather, treating this condition will often require the patient to limit their activity and wear a back brace. By limiting the amount of movement that the spine experiences, you will be able to help the bones to mend. The pain from this injury can be hard to ignore, and a doctor, like those at Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab Associates, will likely prescribe a series of pain medications to help you manage the pain during your recovery. Once the bones have fully mended, you may need to undergo rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles in your back. This can avoid future back injuries by ensuring that these muscles are able to provide enough support to the spine.