Choosing A Primary Care Physician For Your Kids: 3 Factors To Consider

Posted on: 24 February 2017

Your kid has a weaker immune system than you do, which is why they are typically more susceptible to getting sick. For example, a child can get 8 colds per year or even more. This doesn't even take into account additional diseases, disorders, and ailments that your child may succumb to. With that in mind, you can expect to make a couple of trips to the doctor's office each year. Having a designated primary care physician that your child sees most of the time can be beneficial. The physician will be well aware of your child's medical history and will also know how to interact with your child. When choosing a suitable primary care physician for your child, take these 3 factors into consideration.

Availability of the Doctor and Your Child's Schedule

More often than not, kids have busy schedules. On top of having to go to school, they also often have extracurricular activities and sports that they participate in regularly. If your child is quite ambitious, their schedules might be quite packed and busy. This often makes it difficult for children to make time to see a doctor, even when they're sick. To ensure that your child's medical needs will be attended to without any fuss, take a look at the schedule and availability of the primary care physicians in your area. Try to find a physician that will be available at the same time as your child.

For example, if your child often goes to tutoring or participates in extracurricular activities or sports after school, you might want to look for a doctor's office that is open late. This way, your child won't have to skip their events.

Interactions Between the Physician, the Staff, and Your Child

In order for your child to volunteer crucial or vital information about their health to a primary care physician, they must feel that they can trust or talk to the physician. As a result, you might want to consider bringing your child to several different offices for a checkup or an examination in order to monitor how comfortable your child is with each doctor. Don't forget to get your child's input as well, as their opinion is the most important.

Some primary care physicians open practices that are targeted towards children, especially young children, as they tend to be shy and most hesitant to volunteer information about their health. These physicians and their staff are well-versed on how to interact with the children in order to make them feel comfortable and at home. These physicians also know how to explain different medical concepts to the children so that they feel more comfortable with what's going on around them.

Comfort of the Office Environment

For young children, going to see the doctor may seem like a scary experience. The new sounds, the shiny equipment, and the atmosphere of the office can bring on anxiety and fear. If you are looking for a primary care physician for young children, you should also take into account how comfortable or well-decorated the clinic might be. Consider whether there are any wall decorations that make the place appear more inviting and fun. In addition, take a look around and see whether there are any age-appropriate books for young children to read while they sit in the waiting area.


Once you and your child find a primary care physician that your child trusts and likes, it's a good idea to stick with the same physician as much as possible. Having the same medical expert attend to your child means that your child's standard of care will usually improve, as the primary care physician will have a sound knowledge of your child's medical history.