Things You Need To Consider When Choosing A Funeral Home

Posted on: 28 April 2015

When you're pre-planning your funeral choosing a funeral home is one of the most important decisions that you'll make. However, if you're like most people, you probably haven't put much thought into how funeral homes differ. There are more things to consider than the cost of the funeral home's services. So, before you decide to choose the cheapest option, make sure you discuss these things with the funeral director.

Traditional Funeral Service

If you want a traditional funeral service, the funeral director will help you plan the details. However, there is more to planning  funeral than deciding on space for your viewing, the type of casket you want, and what type of flowers you'd prefer. Before you choose a funeral home to plan your service, you need to know what services the funeral home offers. Does the funeral home offer:

  • Embalming services
  • Other preparation services, such as makeup and hair
  • Full graveside service
  • Transportation of your remains


If you want to be cremated after your death, you need to make sure you choose a funeral home that provides cremation services. In addition, there are several other things that you should discuss with the funeral director if you want to be cremated, including:

  • Do you want to have a traditional funeral service before you are cremated? If so, do you need to purchase a casket or does the funeral home have caskets available to rent for the viewing?
  • Does the funeral home offer direct cremation services or is the cremation process handled by an outside crematory? If the process is handled by an outside crematory, are the cremation fees and the fees for transporting your remains included in the quoted price?
  • What type of legal paperwork is required in your state to authorize cremation? If prior consent to cremate is needed, does the funeral home handle the paperwork or do you need a probate lawyer?
  • Do you want your ashes buried in a cemetery? If so, does the cemetery you've selected have any special urn requirements or can your ashes be buried in the plain container provided by the crematory?

Other Considerations

The funeral home that you choose needs to offer the types of services that you need, but it also needs to be a place that makes you feel comfortable. When you speak with the funeral director and the funeral home staff, you should feel like they understand what type of service that you want and are committed to making it happen. Also, make sure the funeral director and staff are aware of any religious or cultural needs that you may have.

Pre-planning your funeral requires a lot of thought, but it doesn't have to be a stressful process. Choosing a funeral home that makes you feel comfortable and offers all of the services that you need makes the rest of the planning process is simple. Contact a local funeral home, such as O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral & Cremation Services, for further information.