2 Reasons To Visit A Walk-In Clinic

Posted on: 11 December 2014

Getting the medical care you need without a previous appointment or hassle is one reason to visit a walk-in clinic. Being provided with the care you need while out and about is a huge convenience for most people. Knowing the reasons to visit a clinic of this type may motivate you to do so.

Reason #1: Common illnesses

Did you wake up feeling under the weather? By visiting a walk-in clinic, such as West Ocean City Injury & Illness Center, you can have a number of common ailments treated easily.

Listed below are things that can be treated:

1. Pink-eye – If you have an infection in your eye, it should be treated. You may need an eye drop with an antibiotic to clear this up quickly.

2. Upset stomach – Dealing a virus or nausea is never fun and should be treated with the proper type of antacid.

3. Sore throat – During the winter months, you are more likely to suffer from cold symptoms, such as your throat being itchy or sore.

4. Ear infections – Dealing with a problem with your ears can be debilitating and may cause you pain. The ear should be evaluated and treated with ear drops to eliminate the infection.

Reason #2: Wellness screenings

Most walk-in clinics can do simple medical testing that may help determine the state of your current health. These are referred to as wellness screenings and examples of these tests are listed below:

1. Diabetes screening – If you suffer from this disease, you should get the proper treatment to help keep it under control.

2. High blood pressure screening –Keeping your blood pressure at the right level is critical to your overall health. Getting your blood pressure checked and treated appropriately may save your life.

3. Smoking cessation – Are you trying to quit smoking for better health? If so, you can learn methods and even get medication that can assist you when trying to give up tobacco products.

4. Physical exam – Do you need an annual exam and don't want to wait at the doctor's office? If so, you can get this done at a walk-in clinic and yourself save time.

Finally, walk-in clinics can provide you with convenience and even lower costs in many instances. Be sure to visit the clinic in your local area to help you with any medical concerns that may arise or be tested for certain health conditions for your peace of mind.