Find Out What Is Causing Your Episodic Headaches

Posted on: 4 December 2014

If your headaches come and go, then you should watch out for their triggers. This is because such headaches can be induced by different factors, and you cannot get rid of them before you unearth these triggers. Some of the common causes of episodic headaches include:


Although you should not be obsessed about your weight, you should try to maintain it a healthy level. This is because, apart from the usual health risks, being overweight can also cause headaches. The probability of your obesity causing a headache is higher if you are a woman of childbearing age.

Unfortunately, it is not just obesity that can cause your headaches, even the process of losing weight can be a trigger. This is true if you are dieting to lose weight; probably because some diets lead to low blood sugar. If you are losing weight, then you should do it in conjunction with a health professional to help you do it safely.

Strenuous Exercise

Working out is good for your health, but very strenuous exercise is not because it can give you a headache. Running, swimming, cycling or even engaging in vigorous sexual activities are some of the common culprits.

One possible reason for this is that some forms of exercise cause changes in blood flow to the brain. An exercise headache can also be induced by an underlying health problem, such as an aneurysm. Consult a physician if your headache is very intense, begins abruptly or does not go away even when you stop exercising.


Weather changes can also trigger a headache in you. According to WebMD, researchers are still working to learn why weather causes headaches. One plausible theory is that a headache is your body's protective response to adverse weather; it makes you seek more hospitable environment.

Weather elements that commonly induce headaches include:

  • Heat wave
  • Cold snap
  • Changes in biometric pressure
  • Rain

The worst thing is that there is nothing you can do about the weather. However, wearing the right clothing may offer you some protection. It is also good to stay hydrated when the sun is too hot.

Taking painkillers is not the best way to deal with these headaches because you are just introducing more chemicals into your body to mask the pain. If you want to keep reduce or get rid of the pain while managing the root of the problem, then you should see a chiropractor. They may manipulate your spine, advise you on nutrition or suggest other healthy ways of dealing with the headaches.