Size Isn't Everything: Using Breast Augmentation Responsibly

Posted on: 2 December 2014

Cosmetic breast augmentation is not always just about making what you have look bigger. In many cases, women get these surgeries to balance out their female form or to repair damage and loss of breast tissue from accident or surgery. Understanding your situation and options can help you choose your course of action. 

Congenital Conditions

For most women, how their breasts develop is a matter of genetics. You will have inherited this trait from your family line, which may make it seem as though nothing can be done about it. However, many congenital traits can be cosmetically resolved and provide you with the body shape you want without an outlandish final look.

Asymmetrical breasts are the best example, and one of the most common congenital traits. More than half of all women report some asymmetry of the breast, though it's normally not noticeable. In cases of extreme asymmetry, augmentation and adjustment of your breast tissue can help to even out the shape of your body and provide a more natural look. This may involve increasing the size of one breast or reducing the size of the other, and the choice is yours.

Post-Trauma Augmentation

Physical injuries, necessary surgeries, automotive accidents and a host of other unforeseen circumstances can result in loss or damage to your breast tissue. This doesn't necessarily have to be a permanent change in your body's shape. Many women find that they don't feel whole without their natural female form, including their breasts, and the right approach to breast augmentation can restore that.

It's not just a matter of vanity or resolving an oversight of nature in these cases. If you're in this situation, you've lost something that helps you identify who you are as a female. It's only natural to want that restored. You should be aware that restorative procedures may require skin grafts in order to achieve your desired look.

Many people identify breast augmentation as a strictly cosmetic procedure, and while the final result may only physically alter your appearance it can also have a profound effect on your self-confidence. Pursuing this procedure is a personal choice that can have many various motivations.

You shouldn't feel ashamed of yourself for wanting to restore your natural form or correct a congenital condition that makes you uncomfortable. You have every right to have the natural, even breast shape you want, and the feeling of completeness that comes with it.