Tips For Finding Short Term Rehabilitation

Posted on: 25 November 2014

When you are prescribed short term rehabilitation, it can be quite daunting to find a facility that you are comfortable with.  You need to find one that has therapists that give you an individualized care plan, one that will improve your daily skills, one that will benefit your overall health and one that has everything you need in one place.  Here are some pointers for finding the right short term rehabilitation facility that is best for you. 

Meeting Your Needs

Your goals should be the first priority.  Your needs should be considered and met at every therapy session.  If your therapy is more effective in the morning when you have the most energy, then your short term rehabilitation facility should take this into consideration every time.  Flexibility is a must when it comes to catering to every individual patient. 

Comfort Level

When you are in need of a short term rehabilitation facility, you should find one that makes you feel comfortable.  You can find one that has an environment that is clean, more inviting and warm.  When you need to heal properly and you need time to get better, you need a place that you feel like you are being taken care of, and not a place that you feel is cold or too sterile.  Your facility should make you feel like you are at home for that short period of time.  Your emotional well-being is just as important as your physical well-being in regards to healing, feeling stronger and readjusting to your normal lifestyle.     

Quality of Care    

When looking into short term rehabilitation, you should look at the staffing as well as the facility.  Check the certifications of the staff members and the therapists.  See if they have special certifications and special training for all of the services that they provide to residents.  Facilities that have a medical director on staff around the clock may be able to cater to your every medical need better than those without.  There should be ratings for health inspections, healthcare quality and staffing.  All facilities should have a star rating, and you should always choose one with at least a 4 or 5-star rating.


There will most likely be a reputation that each short term rehabilitation center holds within each community.  Choose one that has high patient satisfaction or one that comes well recommended by doctors and patients.  Look to see if each facility has earned any honors within the medical community or any special awards for its services.  Look into family involvement as well.  Check to see if family is welcomed and encouraged to participate in your patient care plan.  This will benefit you once your short term rehabilitation stay is over.

What is Included     

Check to see what exactly included in your short term rehabilitation stay.  Some facilities may offer private rooms, private bathrooms, televisions, phones, computer services and food service.  Some of these will help your stay to be more comfortable. Always ask about what services are included in your stay.  Some may be extra that may not be covered by your insurance.  Always make sure that your insurance covers all the amenities that you get, and also covers all of your therapy and rehabilitation sessions.

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