How To Stop Feeling Anxious About Being Nude During A Massage

Posted on: 22 November 2014

Massages can be a very relaxing and rejuvenating form of therapy, but some people are reluctant to ever try it because of the vulnerability involved. Massages usually involve removing some or all clothing, and this can potentially make you feel nervous. If these anxieties apply to you, this guide will help you to relax and control these fears so you can enjoy a massage.

Body Issues

One reason people often feel nervous about getting a massage is because they feel uncomfortable with the physical condition of their body. They might feel like they're overweight, not toned enough, or focus on some other issue that becomes a major problem in their minds.If you're going through mental anxieties about your body, try to let it go by thinking about the following facts:

  • Your massage therapist isn't there to judge. Their job is to give you a wonderful massage, find the parts of your body that need to relax, and help you to feel great.
  • Your massage therapist has seen many body types. You're not the first person to walk through their door that's got a little extra weight or has tan lines.


Another reason for feeling anxious about disrobing for a massage is the vulnerability involved. After all, most people don't usually lie on a table and allow themselves to be touched by a complete stranger while mostly undressed.

Keep in mind that the main reason for having you take your clothes off is so they can interact with your skin and muscles more easily. Your massage therapist will gladly work with you to keep you as modest as possible by covering your body with a sheet or towel and only exposing the part they're currently working on. It's also worth noting that you don't have to take your underwear off for a massage: if you feel more comfortable with it on, keep it on.

Try A Clothed Massage

If the idea of receiving a massage while undressed still makes you too uneasy, you can try asking for a tuina massage.

Tuina massage is a traditional Chinese massage modality that can be performed while you wear loose, light-weight clothing. This style of massage uses kneading, pressing and rubbing motions on the areas between your joints to improve circulation. Tuina's motions also improve the flow of qi to increase the body's natural ability to heal. However, believing in qi isn't necessary to experience stress and pain relief benefits.

Remember, your massage therapist is there to help reduce your pain and stress, not make you feel badly about yourself. Remember to communicate with your massage therapist: let them know that you have anxieties so they can take extra steps to make you comfortable. By following these tips and letting go of your anxieties or choosing a clothed modality, you too can enjoy a massage, at a place like Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage.